Balkan Start:up 2017

18. oktober 2017, ob 10:00 /Podjetniški center Standard
Are you ready to experience a business conference which will totally kick you out of the comfort zone?

If your answer is YES and you are a young start-up that is looking for new knowledge, new business connections and intense feeling of excitement, you are the one for Balkan Start:up 2017.

Meet us in town, where Gorenje was born, where stability meet challenges and create opportunity to fly to Silicon Valley.


Day 1          18.10.2017

10:00 Make yourself comfortable
12:00 There’s no such thing as a free lunch
13:00 Mystery of Gorenje branding
17:00 Which business model works?
20:00 Show us what you are working with

Day 2          19. 10. 2017

8:00 Life happens, coffee helps
10:00 Create the story which sells
13:00 Keep calm and enjoy your lunch
15:00 Growth hacking
19:00 Business party on prestige location

Day 3          20. 10. 2017

8:00 “Be strong” I whisper to my coffee
10:00 Pitch good or go home
13:00 I believe in stopping work and eating lunch
15:00 How to become a winner with Dejan Roljič
16:00 Pitch your idea and fly to Silicon Valley

Important dates and costs

You can aplly on the link below till 9. 10. 2017 (00:00). The commission will then select 10 teams which will get free tickets for Balkan Start:up 2017. We will inform you about the results till 10. 10. 2017. Hope to see you in Velenje.

We arranged accommodation for you in MC Hotel for a special price. Hotel is located near the Bussiness center Standard, but you feel free to book some other hotel in Velenje.

All the activities and food are free.

Photos from previus Balkan

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